Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Dry Heaves

Scott Bradley

It's been three years now since I began to write these posts. And though they are admittedly uneven in content and presentation, still it has amazed me how they continue to pour forth. There have been several times when I thought it was finished, only to have it continue with a vengeance. This is one of those times, yet the renewed pouring has yet to happen.

I have described this writing as a kind of vomiting; just when I think it's all come up, there's more. At the moment, however, it's a bit more like the dry heaves. Maybe it's time to stop.

Comparing this writing project to vomiting is apropos in many respects. It is in some sense involuntary; it wants to come out. And, despite my sincere commitment to the spirit of what is said here, and my belief that it has helped me in many ways to articulate it, still it is in many ways just vomit. (I won't presume to even speak of what it might have meant to others.) Words are not reality.

I write this in lieu of anything else to write. Perhaps there is more to come up; or perhaps this project is nearing its end.

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  1. it's funny how they flow then go. I feel quite dry of writing too. my death wriggles were mainly 2009 with some jerks in 2010-2012 and then now dead body occasionally creaks from near total rigamortis and a minor posting pops up.

    a big call to writing is reading. a smaller draw from life itself. what killed me completely were a change in circumstance and a gradual distilling of my ideas. once so distilled I could rarely fill a sentence let alone several posts a week.

    I feel that trey has an endless well to draw and i don't expect Scott to dry up completely.


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