Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spam I Am - 20 Units

Trey Smith

Like everyone else who does email, I receive spam. Some of it is offensive. Some of it is annoying. And some of it is funny, though I don't think that is the intent. I've decided to share some of it with you periodically in a feature I call, Spam I Am.

This morning I received one of the oddest emails that I have received in a long time. It was terse and to the point. It didn't contain any misspellings or poor punctuation. As far as I can discern, there are no redirected links or infected attachments. And it was sent specifically to me, not some long list of people I have never heard of. Maybe it's not spam at all. Maybe the sender simply was confused and sent it to the wrong person!
Please have someone contact me about volume discounts. I am interested in purchasing at least 20 units this week.

Jim Stephenson
Twenty units of what? I don't have the faintest of clues.

So, I've spent some time today trying to figure out what I could send Jim in a multiple of twenty or, more to the point, what I might have that would fit the volume request.

As I continue my work of downsizing, I've come across 20 assorted writing pens. I have loads more than 20 pieces of scrap paper. I'm sure that I have at least 20 frozen blueberries or strawberries in my freezer. And I certainly have more than 20 books headed for the local thrift store.

Too bad he didn't provide an address!


  1. Obviously he just sent it to the wrong person

  2. that is a bloody good spamalot. it would likely catch out many business people into entering into a conversation or at least replying.

    ones catching my eye this week are;

    sender facebok

    it looks so like Facebook, even though I don't even use the service it still almost induces a click.

    sender "blank" (as in genuinely empty)

    this almost gives the impression of a system message, at least in my email client, so also almost has me clicking.

    as it is though I never even click on a dodgy looking mail. just straight delete.


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