Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 11, Part 20

Trey Smith

The Great Man in his teaching is like the shadow that follows a form, the echo that follows a sound. Only when questioned does he answer, and then he pours out all his thoughts, making himself the companion of the world. He dwells in the echoless, moves in the directionless, takes by the hand you who are rushing and bustling back and forth, and proceeds to wander in the beginningless. He passes in and out of the boundless, and is ageless as the sun. His face and form blend with the Great Unity, the Great Unity which is selfless. Being selfless, how then can he look upon possession as possession? He who fixed his eyes on possession - he was the "gentleman" of ancient times. He who fixes his eyes on nothingness - he is the true friend of Heaven and earth.
~ Burton Watson translation ~
For me, the best teachers are those who teach you how to think for yourself. They offer guidance in the form of basic concepts, but they don't try to shove their understanding of said concepts down your throat.

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