Monday, February 18, 2013

Tone Deaf America

Trey Smith

Do you approve of the US drone program? If you are an American, the answer is a resounding YES! If you live almost anywhere else in the world, the answer is a definitive NO. The negative response doesn't just come from those Muslim countries either. A recent poll shows that respondents from many of America's allies disapprove of the drone program just as much. For example, nearly two-thirds of the French and 3 in 4 from Japan oppose our first line strategy.

In other words, Americans are tone deaf to the opinions of the majority of our fellow citizens throughout the world.

As Glenn Greenwald makes clear, the rest of the world appears to understand the art of logic far better than most Americans!
In sum, if you continually bomb another country and kill their civilians, not only the people of that country but the part of the world that identifies with it will increasingly despise the country doing it. That's the ultimate irony, the most warped paradox, of US discourse on these issues: the very policies that Americans constantly justify by spouting the Terrorism slogan are exactly what causes anti-American hatred and anti-American Terrorism in the first place. The most basic understanding of human nature renders that self-evident, but this polling data indisputably confirms it.
Why can't the majority of my countrymen grasp this notion? It doesn't take a brainiac to figure it out. It is basic commonsense!

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