Monday, February 4, 2013

The Person to Marry

Trey Smith

"Hiring" pols via the ballot who hate government pretty much guarantees poor governance: even corrupt governance. One of the biggest national cons involves the concept that "hiring" pols via the ballot who claim to hate government will make things better. If someone claims government is always the problem, why would you expect them to make it better? As an employer, would you hire someone after an interview where they insist your business is always up to no good and will always fail?

No, they're be more likely to steal from you, sell things out your back door to their friends, and recommend you hire anyone willing to take an ax to what they've already admitted they have no respect for.

That kind of attitude infects all of society. Con jobs multiply like rabbits on Viagra.
~ from Inspection - Of Tiresome Con Jobs by Ken Carman ~
Another way to look at this issue concerns the person you marry. Who would want to marry a person who declared that the institution of marriage was a flawed concept? Before you walked down the aisle, your mate would tell you that marriage creates more problems than it's worth and he/she will do everything in their power to end the institution of marriage as we know it.

Who would think that such declarations portend a happy betrothal? Who would think that such a spouse would be trustworthy and faithful?

The "anti-government" government leaders have shown time and again that they ONLY favor government when it lines the pockets of the fat cats. When it comes to protecting the interests of the oligarchy, government is a very GOOD thing. When it comes to safeguarding the interests of the rest of us, government is a very BAD thing. And yet, people keep voting for them!

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