Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's All about Priorities

Trey Smith

The thing about political satire/comedy is that there usually is a point to the joke. Sometimes you don't catch it right away as you roll on the floor laughing, but it is there, nonetheless. Last night on his HBO Program, Bill Maher asked the following (and I am paraphrasing): Our government can decide that someone is a terrorist, place them on a kill list, then press a button and it's done, but we can't figure out how to deliver mail on Saturday's?

Two of the big news stories of the past week concern the uncovered white paper for the "legal" justification for killing US citizens as well as the decision of the US Postal Service to stop delivering the mail on Saturday's as a cost-cutting measure. What this tells me is that our priorities are all screwed up. When it comes to the budget of the ever-expanding military-spy-industrial complex, the sky is the limit. When it comes to the services that average Americans depend on, there are very tight limits and, in fact, substantial reductions.

Of course, it's not just the post office. Basic services of all kinds have been placed on a low budget diet! If these services and programs were animals, many of them would be considered malnourished and emaciated. What's the point of protecting us from all these phantom bogeymen if our standing of living is moving towards that of a developing nation? If our freedoms continue to be curtailed, what freedoms are we fighting to preserve?

Oh, silly me, I forgot. We must protect the freedom of the oligarchs to abuse us!

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