Sunday, February 24, 2013

It Is Good To Be a Member of the Good Ol' Boys Club

Trey Smith

The bankrupt city of San Bernardino has hired a new city manager who, according to court filings, has twice declared personal bankruptcy and was recently ousted from the board of a small community's water company after being sued by shareholders.

The city council voted unanimously on Tuesday night to hire Allen J. Parker, 71, as its city manager on an annual salary of almost $222,000. He replaces an interim city manager who resigned last month because, according to friends, she was exasperated by the city's internal divisions.
~ from Bankrupt San Bernardino Picks Twice Bankrupt Manager by Tim Reid ~
Ordinary folks who are forced to file for bankruptcy find it difficult to get their lives back on track. It can be hard to reestablish credit and, if you've lost your home, it can be tough finding a landlord who will rent to you.

But bankruptcy is no problem at all IF you are a member of the Good Ol' Boys Club. Neither is being found guilty of bribery, public misuse of funds, or large campaign finance violations. You can be caught in a tawdry affair or be fired for fiscal mismanagement. Short of committing murder -- and sometimes you can get away with that too! -- you don't have to worry about whether or not you will land on your feet.

There almost always is someone willing to give you a second, third, fourth, fifth or tenth chance. While us common folks only get three strikes and we're out, you get more lives than a black cat!

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