Monday, February 11, 2013

"A Distinct Incongruity"

Trey Smith

Over the last few weeks there has been a distinct incongruity – to say the least – between the agenda Obama is promoting at home and the one he defends abroad. His justification for targeted killings and drone strikes in foreign parts, prompted by his nomination of a CIA director, has coincided with his advocacy for stiffer gun control and appeals to respect human life following mass shootings. The result is an administration raising life and death issues in its actions and pronouncements but being unable to talk with any moral authority or ethical consistency on either.

In short, the credibility of a president in challenging lawless social violence in US cities is fundamentally undermined when he has his own personal kill list in violation of international law to terminate enemies elsewhere.
~ from Barack Obama Is Pushing Gun Control at Home, But He's a Killer Abroad by Gary Younge ~
I have addressed this point before and may well do it again, but I think it bears repeating. As Younge writes, our President lacks "any moral authority or ethical consistency" on the issue of mass killings. If it is wrong for innocent Americans to lose their lives through random slaughter, then it is equally true for anyone else.

This brings us back to another point I write about frequently: walking one's talk. Words mean little, if not backed up by congruent action. In this instance, Barack Obama's words BELIE his actions.

You may not have a problem with that. I do. The reason I do is because his actions are leaving blood stains on MY hands.

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