Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Ching: Hexagram 2 - The Lines, Part 3

Six in the third place means:
Hidden lines.
One is able to remain persevering.
If by chance you are in the service of a king,
Seek not works, but bring to completion.

If a man is free of vanity he is able to conceal his abilities and keep them from attracting attention too soon; thus he can mature undisturbed. If conditions demand it, he can also enter public life, but that too he does with restraint. The wise man gladly leaves fame to others. He does not seek to have credited to himself things that stand accomplished, but hopes to release active forces; that is, he completes his works in such a manner that they may bear fruit for the future.
Translator of this version of the I Ching is Richard Wilhelm. If you missed any posts in this series, please utilize the I Ching label below.

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  1. When I spent some time with the I Ching what I enjoyed most was the reiterating of the basic classic wisdom of flow and change. When things are bad, they can only improve. Take heed when things seem too good or complete as these are the birth of the movement of return/decay.

    For me the whole work either repainted this key wisdom or drivelled on in a way I didn't relate to. (not to say it is not of great value to everyone else though).


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