Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coming Home

Trey Smith

Della is coming home today. Yay!! She will be here until Wednesday morning when we both will leave for White Salmon. My sojourn there will be very brief, though. I will board an Amtrak train at 8:04 am Thursday and, after a boring 2 hour layover in Portland, I'll arrive in Centralia around 2 pm. My friend Dan has agreed to pick me up and tote me back to South Bend. Dan also will look after our animals while I'm gone.

Della is returning home for 3 reasons: 1) She wants to take more of her stuff back; 2) Her mammogram is scheduled here on Tuesday; and 3) She misses me and the "kids." I will accompany her back to White Salmon for 2 reasons: 1) To help her get all her stuff up to her second floor bedroom and 2) To help her get better acquainted with the overall area. I have spent more time in the Gorge than she has, so I sort of know my way around. I want to take her to The Dalles Wednesday after work because that's where the discount grocery store is located -- something a person on a budget needs to know!

I will be making a big sacrifice. My return trip will involve sitting on a crowded train -- something I haven't done for 15 years or so. While I like traveling on trains a lot, I do not like having to do so with lots of people scurrying around! I'm not looking forward to that aspect. I'm also not looking forward to sleeping in a strange house. I will be more than happy when I return home and I can go hide in my isolated "cave"!!

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