Saturday, January 5, 2013

Bit by Bit - Chapter 6, Part 5

Trey Smith

The True Man of ancient times knew nothing of loving life, knew nothing of hating death. He emerged without delight; he went back in without a fuss. He came briskly, he went briskly, and that was all. He didn't forget where he began; he didn't try to find out where he would end. He received something and took pleasure in it; he forgot about it and handed it back again. This is what I call not using the mind to repel the Way, not using man to help out Heaven. This is what I call the True Man.
~ Burton Watson translation ~
Most of us possess the will to survive. It might be somewhat ego-based, but it's also part of our biology. So, while I get what Zhuangzi has written here, I think it would be a hard thing for any of us to be.

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