Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mencius - Book 7, Part 1, Chapter 21

Mencius said, 'Wide territory and a numerous people are desired by the superior man, but what he delights in is not here.

'To stand in the center of the kingdom, and tranquillize the people within the four seas; the superior man delights in this, but the highest enjoyment of his nature is not here.

What belongs by his nature to the superior man cannot be increased by the largeness of his sphere of action, nor diminished by his dwelling in poverty and retirement; for this reason that it is determinately apportioned to him by Heaven.

'What belongs by his nature to the superior man are benevolence, righteousness, propriety, and knowledge. These are rooted in his heart; their growth and manifestation are a mild harmony appearing in the countenance, a rich fullness in the back, and the character imparted to the four limbs. Those limbs understand to arrange themselves, without being told.'
~ James Legge translation via ~
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