Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bit by Bit - Chapter 4, Part 6

Trey Smith

In ancient times Yao attacked Ts'ung-chih and Hsu-ao, and Yu attacked Yu-hu, and these states were left empty and unpeopled, their rulers cut down. It was because they employed their armies constantly and never ceased their search for gain. All were seekers of fame or gain - have you alone not heard of them? Even the sages cannot cope with men who are after fame or gain, much less a person like you!
~ Burton Watson translation ~
Rest is an important facet of life. We need it to clear our heads and refocus on what's important. When we neglect rest and scurry around around constantly trying to feed our egos, our minds become clouded with desire. We become like a marauding army looking for the next village to sack and pillage.

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