Monday, October 22, 2012

Your Life In the Flow of Tao XI



A world of just happiness would not contain happiness. Does this make sense?

The universe is change, it is a flow. Happiness, sadness, suffering and contentment will all happen. You see?

Simply acknowledging this is wisdom.

You knew this already though. Yes?

This happening came, it was not understood. It was right as it was.

In attempts to describe and understand it became tricky.

Making no effort we see that all happens. Change happens, flow flows, life is.

In our trying and seeking we found difficulties and non arriving. True?

If ice tried with earnest could it flow?

In our not trying, just as we were when we were in the womb, we grew, we changed, we flowed. We got that right. In just that way we see that life is presented without our influence, understanding or effort.

When we say to ourselves that life should not be doing what it is doing. We suffer. But that is normality.

See the fine thread separating wisdom from ignorance?

See that wisdom does not bring eternal pleasure as in eternal pleasure there is no pleasure.

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