Wednesday, October 31, 2012

When It Matters Most

Trey Smith

The mantra of libertarians, Tea Party supporters and most conservatives is this idea of LIMITED GOVERNMENT. Yes, they want to shrink the government at all its various levels, particularly at the federal level. A leaner government apparatus will mean prosperity for all, greater freedoms, increased security...blah, blah, blah.

The way these people talk you would think that they absolutely loathe BIG government...except when it comes to natural disasters. It is then that the "shrink government" crowd lines up for all sorts of government help and financial assistance (just like everybody else). It is at these sorts of times that BIG government ain't so bad after all!

This is a major point that I think is lost for these sorts of people. If they had their way, the next time a Hurricane Sandy or, say, a major earthquake or flood strikes, a leaner government wouldn't be there to provide the kind of assistance they will demand. There wouldn't be the needed funds to help small business owners and homeowners. Needed but destroyed infrastructure wouldn't all be rebuilt or, at least, done so in a timely manner. There would be far fewer first responders to rescue the stranded or aid the injured.

Heck, with enough cutbacks, maybe the weather service wouldn't be in a position to warn citizens of trouble headed their way. People would be going about their daily business when WHAM, they are blindsided by calamity.

While government shouldn't be big just for the sake of it, in a large and populous nation like the United States, we need a big-sized government to insure the health and safety of our people and to manage an infrastructure that stretches from sea to shining sea. It's too bad that a lot of folks don't understand this idea...except when disasters occurs.

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