Monday, October 29, 2012

Mencius - Book 6, Part 1, Chapter 17

Mencius said, 'To desire to be honored is the common mind of men. And all men have in themselves that which is truly honorable. Only they do not think of it.

'The honor which men confer is not good honor. Those whom Châo the Great ennobles he can make mean again.

'It is said in the Book of Poetry,
"He has filled us with his wine,
He has satiated us with his goodness."
"Satiated us with his goodness," that is, satiated us with benevolence and righteousness, and he who is so satiated, consequently, does not wish for the fat meat and fine millet of men. A good reputation and far-reaching praise fall to him, and he does not desire the elegant embroidered garments of men.'
~ James Legge translation via ~
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