Friday, September 21, 2012

Some Difference! 17/17

Trey Smith

The rabbit hole goes still deeper. We didn't have to stop at these fifteen points of Democrat-Republican agreement, but you get the idea. Just as in Frederick Douglass's day, the more Democrats and Republicans agree, the worse it is for the rest of us.

There was a time when black America had its own principles, and formed the immovable leftmost rock of the American polity. But in the 21st century, that rock has been dissolved by a tide of corporate money. With the rise of a cohort of black corporate Democrats and a right wing black Democrat in the White House there is no longer even any vaguely leftish influence on Democratic party politics. The House Progressive Caucus is the biggest in Congress, with over seventy members, but is powerless and irrelevant. Except for stylistic flourishes, the music they listen to and the color of some faces, the differences between Republicans and Democrats seem to exist mostly in political marketing campaigns and inside our own heads.

~ from Closer Than You Think: Top 15 Things Romney and Obama Agree On by Bruce A. Dixon ~
Are there differences between Democrats and Republicans? Of course there are, but surprisingly there are NOT that many differences on the issues that impact each one of us personally in our day-to-day lives. No, the chief differences are in the realm of religious/cultural issues and, even here, it is not a rigid line.

Take the issue of abortion. For one thing, there are Democrats who oppose it and Republicans who are pro-choice. But the more important issue is that abortion is NOT an issue that impacts most voters. No one is suggesting laws that would force women who oppose abortions to have them.

Take the issue of gay marriage. Just as above, there are Democrats who oppose it and Republicans who support it. No one is promoting laws or rules that would force heterosexual individuals into marrying homosexuals. If you aren't being forced or mandated to enter into a gay marriage, then this issue really doesn't affect your life.

What drives me batty is the number of people who cast their votes based on issues that don't really impact them personally, while ignoring the ones that do! So many voters will vote for the candidate who best matches up with their religious or cultural values without considering ANY OTHER meaningful criteria like supporting bailouts for corporate criminals or advancing policies that lead to the degradation of the voter's own community.

Look, if cultural or religious matters are important to you, fine. But let's work to get our nation on its economic feet again. Let's work to reverse the march towards irreversible climate change. Let's work to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Let's work to get our communities vibrant again.

Once we get these things accomplished, then you can vote for candidates based on their cultural/religious positions all you want. In the meantime, if you keep wasting your votes on Democrats and Republicans -- two parties that agree on so much -- the United States will continue on its downward spiral toward oblivion.

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