Saturday, September 22, 2012


Trey Smith

What a week!

For starters, my wife lost her main job (she retains a very small 2nd one).  We went from expecting October to be a good economic month to a bleak one.   She had an interview for another one, but due to circumstances beyond her control, a prospective job fell through.

This puts us in a very bad financial situation.  You see, when you're poor, you don't have much of a safety net.  We don't have a savings account or anything like that.  If she is unable to find a new job in the next month or so -- jobs are hard to come by these days -- we will be sucking little more than air by December 1, if not sooner.

Needless to say, this situation has been and continues to be very stressful.  We could be staring at the real possibility of losing our house and this would also mean (shudder) giving up most or all of our pets.

On top of this, Google finally went ahead and completely changed Blogger's administrative interface.  I don't like most of the changes and this too has stressed me out!

Of course, this second lemon pales in comparison to the first one, but as individual who doesn't deal well with change, being hit with two simultaneously has sent my anxiety level through the proverbial roof!!


  1. Idea: Sell Lemonade

    Ive been trying to find work all summer, but no luck.

    1. I know this economy has been hard on a lot of people, not just us.

  2. I hope your wife finds a new job soon. Are there any temp agencies she could sign up with in your area? I've noticed that at least here in Toronto a lot of companies are hiring temporary and/or part-time workers. It's easier to cobble together a few of those positions than it is to find a full-time, permanent job at the moment.

    1. We live in a rural county with few resources. There are no employment agencies of any kind here except for a very small office run by the state. We check their job board every day. Our hope right now is that Della can pick up several IP jobs (the work she is doing) and cobble enough of them together to keep our heads above water for the time being.


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