Friday, August 17, 2012

No More

Scott Bradley

"And then Chen Jen was no more — just as he had never been."

This, the final line in the Book of Chen Jen, is one of my favorites. I can't know how it affects the reader (if at all), but it challenges me in many ways.

Of course he had never been; I made him up, after all. But are we not all in some sense made up? Are not the life and death of a fictional character ever much as real (or unreal) as our own?

I struggle(d) with whether to include an "if": "just as if he had never been". If he had been 'real', wouldn't it have been too definitive a statement to say he had never been? "If" adds a necessary ambiguity. In the end, I decided that the "if" could be implied by those who would read it thus.

But have any of us ever truly been — do any of us ever exist?

One thing that intrigues me about death is how the dead are so quickly and completely forgotten. How many billions have been plowed under without a trace? Cavemen, Egyptians, Assyrians, Phrygians,...your great, great grandmother. "Count me among the dead / so long forgotten / as to have never been." I shared this slice of a 'poem' with a friend steeped in Zen, and he said, "What's to count?" But that's the point.

Since I have presumed to quote from Chen Jen, it might be appropriate to add that, though I was greatly inspired through the writing, and still find in it much that continues to inspire, I also find much of it embarrassing. It is largely amateurish and trite. But then, like these posts, it was just an exercise, and not intended as an end in itself.

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