Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's Just a Rock!

Trey Smith

So, I'm reading a news story at Reuters about Tropical Storm Isaac when I came across this asinine statement: "The Cuban Meteorological Institute warned the storm could do more damage to the communist island..."

Yes, the government of Cuba IS a communist state, but the island itself is just a rock in the water!

Imagine someone referring to a tree in your front yard as a democratic tree or a tulip in your garden as a feudalistic tulip.

All these various isms are human-contrived artifacts of society. They are made-up distinctions that only we humans recognize. It's like lines on a map delineating separate states or nations. Do you think that the flora and fauna in these areas give a diddly-squat about our imagined borders and boundaries?

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  1. Definitely ridiculous, but I often feel that way about the language used these days in journalism. They're getting as bad as the politicians...


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