Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tao Books - From Tao to Psychology


For those with a passing interest in Taoism or psychology to the more scholarly amongst you, the book, From Tao To Psychology: An Introduction to the Bridge between East and West, by Julián Laboy will have something for you. Written originally as a university paper, the book follows standards in preparing, arguing and concluding a case with many references. This format is not unique to psychology, but it is rare that Taoism is treated in such a way.

Given the format, the information is solid and trustworthy. For those interested in Taoism, Chapter 2 (which introduces it to the reader) is very well done. It covers the differing approaches people and time have given to Taoism and draws the reader to understand the philosophical bent. We are introduced to eastern and western thought, then psychology is introduced in the same approachable and informative format.

Once the groundwork is laid and all facts and disclaimers are in place, we are then shown the similarities between the two subjects and how they can benefit from another. We are shown clearly how the more effective modern approaches to psychology are extremely Taoist, in nature. There are several interesting conclusions, but you'll need to read the book to find out what they are.

On a personal note, as a person interested in psychology and related fields such as neuroscience, I really enjoyed the whole journey.

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