Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daily Tao - Freefalling

The clouds of the mind can murder the true self. Not rid and destroy it as it can never be absent, but they can form such an illusion that the self is hidden from the ego 'i'.

This is how most people live, in a world made of a swirling mind so torrid as that the self is drowned out of their immediate perception - for many this will go on for a whole lifetime.

Should we say to them this truth: You can forget your choices, forget your safety, forget, and leave the true self to live through you.

These people will say "So I can be carefree, I can steal, kill, do as I please and blame the self!"

What error, as their torrid mind instantly clambers and makes claims for false illusions.

Yet this same truth, to one awake or close to awakening, is the release to bliss.

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  1. I used to wonder: is the humans essence good or bad... or neither.
    This seems so far away now. How could I not see this simple truth. That life and all there is - and goodness - are synonymous.
    Thanks for your post. /Jo


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