Thursday, June 28, 2012

Romney Receives a Gift That Will Keep on Giving

Trey Smith

Roberts siding with Dems has probably bounced Obama right out of office. The public overwhelmingly hates Obamacare, and this pours gas on the electoral fire.
~ from Obamacare Wins, We Lose by John Stauber ~
Until today, I didn't think Mitt Romney had a snowball's chance in hell at winning this November. Now, I think he has better than an even chance. While Democrats hail the Supreme Court ruling as a win for the president, I think it stands to be his unlikely undoing.

As Stauber writes above, Obamacare is not that popular with the general masses. In various polls, 60-80% of Americans were against the individual mandate provision. Do you think these people won't be swayed by the GOP message to repeal it?

If the Republicans are smart, they should realize that Justice Roberts and his colleagues have handed them a gift that will keep on giving. They can now tap into the simmering anger of voters and whip it up into a righteous frenzy by November 6. Not only should this decision aid Romney in his presidential bid, it should help Republicans running for Congress.

If the GOP sweeps into office this November, they should send a bottle of expensive champagne to Justice Roberts. He may well have tipped the entire election in their favor today with the stroke of a pen.

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