Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mencius - Book 1, Part 2, Chapter 1A

Chwang Pâ'o, seeing Mencius, said to him, 'I had an interview with the king. His Majesty told me that he loved music, and I was not prepared with anything to reply to him. What do you pronounce about that love of music?' Mencius replied, 'If the king's love of music were very great, the kingdom of Ch'î would be near to a state of good government!'

Another day, Mencius, having an interview with the king, said, 'Your Majesty, I have heard, told the officer Chwang, that you love music; was it so?' The king changed color, and said, 'I am unable to love the music of the ancient sovereigns; I only love the music that suits the manners of the present age.'

Mencius said, 'If your Majesty's love of music were very great, Ch'î would be near to a state of good government! The music of the present day is just like the music of antiquity, as regards effecting that.'
~ James Legge translation via nothingistic.org ~
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