Friday, June 29, 2012

The Ever Expanding Shroud

Trey Smith

President Barack Obama today asserted executive privilege over documents long sought by Congress in the investigation of the “Fast and Furious” operation. The assertion in my view is facially over broad and excessive. It is the latest example of sweeping claims of executive power and privilege by this Administration. Congress has ample reason to investigate this operation, which involves alleged criminal acts that may have resulted in the death of third parties, including a U.S. agent. The Justice Department is accused of complicity in one of the most ill-conceived and harmful operations in recent years. The very officials and agency accused of wrongdoing is claiming that it can withhold documents from a committee with oversight responsibilities.
~ from Deliberative or Evasive? Obama Asserts Privilege Over “Fast and Furious” by Jonathan Turley ~
At the rate the Obama administration is going, we might as well disband Congress. What purpose do they serve anymore (other than sopping up campaign contributions)?

On the face of it, this is beyond ridiculous. It seems that almost every time Congress or the judiciary requests information and documentation from Team Obama, they are told, "No dice. Our stuff is off limits."

This from a man who promised better transparency as a candidate!

How's that working out?

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  1. This is why I believe America should become a Parliamentary Republic. Under such a system, the legislature (not the executive) has ultimate authority over the government. The President (now Prime Minister) will always be held accountable by, and is always subservient to, Congress. If the Prime Minister resists, he loses his job at the will of Congress.


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