Sunday, April 29, 2012

Line by Line - Verse 66, Line 6

In this way though he has his place above them, men do not feel his weight,
~ James Legge translation, from The Sacred Books of the East, 1891 ~

In this way when the sage rules, the people will not feel oppressed;
~ Gia-fu Feng and Jane English translation, published by Vintage Books, 1989 ~

Thus the sages are positioned above
But the people do not feel burdened

~ Derek Lin translation, from Tao Te Ching: Annotated & Explained, published by SkyLight Paths, 2006 ~

People love leaders
who make them feel safe
without smothering them.

~ Ron Hogan rendition, from, 2004 ~
No one likes to feel the weight of a boot upon their neck. Authoritarian demands stifle creativity and make us feel as if we are being suffocated or, as Ron Hogan phrases it, smothered.

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