Thursday, March 8, 2012

Real Life Tao - Teasers

Trey Smith

While it certainly can and does happen at others times of the year, I think Spring (yeah, I know it's not "officially" here yet!) is the season of teasers. After making it through the colder months, most folks are ready for some warmer weather. Depending on the climes in your locale, early Spring offers glimpses of what is coming around the seasonal corner.

But just about the time you welcome the sunny skies and the warmer temps, it is snapped away from you. A cold air mass drifts in and those warm days become a faint memory!

Today, in South Bend, the mercury hit 67 degrees. A mysterious golden orb hung in the sky surrounded by a few wispy clouds. The breeze was light and warming. I took this wondrous opportunity to drag my decrepit body outside to begin the process of weeding the garden. I basked in the warmth and probably overdid it a tad.

It didn't last for long! The temperature has already dropped into the 40s as the next Pacific storm is set to roll in. Most likely, we won't see even 50 degrees for the next week or so.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. This is normal for March in these environs. We usually get a brief look in March at what late April and May will be like -- a few days here and there when it isn't cool and rainy.

Days like today serve as a good reminder of the ebbs and flows of life. Not every day will be rainy. Not every day will be sunny. Life is a mixture of the two. Rather than dread one and embrace the other, it's better to embrace both.

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  1. I've been browsing this blog for sometime without posting. I really enjoy the different views on the Tao, and how it applies in everyday life. I love that this blog has multiple authors.

    I'd like to award this site The Versatile Blog Award! Display the badge on your blog by using the HTML code below. I have removed the first left vee < and you will need to add it back in when you use the code. Go to for the simple rules. Congratulations! Aroura

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  2. Aroura,
    That's a kind gesture on your part. That said, we blog to share and educate -- and to be educated ourselves. That's all.

  3. We are having some astonishing rain in Hawaii, and it is a welcome (if slightly troublesome and even dangerous) change of pace. We even had hail in some very tropical neighborhoods!

  4. Windows7 Weather Gadget (Rclick on the desktop, Gadgets, Weather) has been rather useful w.r.t. daily weather & even makes a pleasant desktop image ... Tho' peeping out of the window or going outside is even more useful. As Ghandi said "When we forget to dig the earth & tend the soil we forget ourselves"


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