Saturday, March 31, 2012

Daily Tao - Treat the Dog as Yourself

Standing afar, the street dweller and the businessman are not so different.

Closer up the businessperson seems to have a more desirable situation.

Closer still the undesirable street person appears to have nothing to elevate this opinion.

Yet, as close as can be, beyond the mind, there is a similar self.

Moving back out from that self, into the life and mind of the street person and the businessman, it becomes clear why compassion should have no boundary. As the true state of being is seen, the internal wrangles and colour in this persons life make them now an interesting soul, with what is likely a savagely beaten down ego, and a resultantly larger spiritual heart.

As the businessman kicks at a dog who sniffs his trousers and the street guy calls the same dog over for a stroke and some water. I see I was right.

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