Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Own Reward

Scott Bradley

A disciple asked Zhouzi: "Master, I have often heard you say 'Thankfulness arises'; for what is the sage thankful?"

Zhouzi replied: "Listen! What do you hear?"

"Master, I hear a bird warbling in the courtyard tree."

"Tell me then, for what does it sing?"

"Master, I know not."

"Nor do I know for what my heart is thankful," replied Zhouzi. "Only it sings, and singing is its own reward. The bird sings because it is its nature to do so. The heart is thankful because it is. It is the nature of life to live; for those who are alive there is nothing else to do. What can we add to the storehouse of life? Only we open our hearts that it may flow in and through us. Thankfulness arises!"

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