Sunday, February 26, 2012

Empty Again II

Scott Bradley

Emptiness as a sense of lack is negative in that it seeks to be full, yet cannot. Emptiness as the loss of lack is positive in that it seeks no fulfillment, yet is fulfilled.

“Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose” (Bobby McGee) begins to get this sense, but remains in the realm of lack. It is when everything is lost, not in the sense of loss, but in the sense of realizing that there was never anything to lose, that true freedom arrives.

True emptiness is that sense of being all things because one is no one thing in particular. Vastness is the experience of boundlessness when the boundaries of individuation are transcended.

The experience of vastness is fulfillment in emptiness.

Writing about these things is not experiencing the things themselves, though it is a way of coping with that failing. Yet within the context of our essential emptiness, the attainment of the experience of vastness is not necessarily anything other than yet another form of coping, albeit a happier one.

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  1. Fullness facilitates realness & emptyness facilitates usefulness. . . I recently "let-go" (emptied myself) of some perfectly normal & real T & C's & discovered in the space that opened up the vast & mysterious possiblities of awareness.


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