Monday, February 6, 2012


Scott Bradley

In some English class in college I recall having been given the assignment of creating an outline for a comic book story. Mine was in outer space, in a place called Atopia (No Place). I wanted it to be a place of peace and harmony. I could not write it; without drama, war and conflict, there is no story.

I have had occasion to see snippets of the 'reality TV' show Survivor. I cannot watch. It seems so incredibly sad that we require zero-sum competition, bullying, unkindness and strife in order to be entertained. Yet, without it, there is no story.

(I have anchored at least two locations which have become Survival locales, one in the Marquesa Islands and one on an island in southern Thailand, and I can assure you that their isolation is a myth.)

Without drama there is no 'story'. Without a story, there is no 'me'. Or so it would seem. But surely there must be something there when all the conflict is gone, something pleasurable and worthwhile? It is this which the sage is thought to have discovered.

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