Tuesday, February 14, 2012

About God

Scott Bradley

It seems to me that every discussion about God should start with a good laugh at oneself. Such hubris. Such absurdity. Such a small God, that I should be able to discuss It.

Your God Is Too Small was the title of an evangelical book many years ago. I concur. By definition, every God is too small.

Those who believe in a God that reveals Itself in words, might reply that It thus does reveal something true of Itself of which we can speak. I certainly won't quibble. It makes no matter.

If there is a God, the big question it seems to me is, am I It? Am I God? I'd like to think so, but that's beside the point. I've always said I want to be God when I grow up; wouldn't it be something if it turned out I always was.

But this God that I would be could not be the 'me' I'd like It to be; that would be way too small. It would have to be that God was everything and that this everything was One, whatever that might be, or not be, or whatever...

It's time for a laugh.

So, if I am God, then this is no great distinction, since you would be too, not to mention poop. Still, since I am God, what need would I have for distinction?

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  1. I try to stay away from the term God when speaking about the Eternal because I find 99% of us already have a very biased association with the word. Indeed it is very small and even weak when compared to the Tao or Brahman or similar conceptions. An anthropomorphic, male authority figure that cares how you pray to him or what you eat? Sounds suspiciously man-made to me.


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