Saturday, January 28, 2012

The most suitable philosophy...


...for any person, is the one that fits them best.

This is circular, yet completely true.

What has people searching for alternatives or feeling disconnected with their religion or philosophy is that it is not theirs. This disconnection can lead them, strangely, to fight for and stand strongly for, their position. It can lead some to feel incomplete or wrong as they do not feel their religion or philosophy answers life for them like it seems to for others.

If two people sit in separate homes and one has views that resonate perfectly with yours and the other believes that purple space donkeys made the word, both may die completely happily, if they were comfortable with their views. If two people held views that they were not comfortable with, be those views just like yours or greatly differing, they may leave this life sadly.

Organized and fixed views, then, are not great things. The world flows and changes. We must be ever free to adapt. Fixed views are like a mooring for a boat. What if the tide rises or drops more than your rope will allow for?

Float freely.

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