Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who's winning?


A company email addressed to the team and from the boss came titled:

A good slogan I just read

"Winners must have two things; definite goals and burning desire to achieve them."

I was tempted to reply with:

The contented person

"sees that to aspire to be a winner is to define yourself as a loser"

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  1. I have had similar experience, but have found wu wei and yin yang are probably best left out of a competitive office's discourse. I think I know this winner/loser. Needless to say, I don't work there anymore having accomplished something like a paradigm shift in my employment.

  2. I've encountered things like this as well, it always feels forced and awkward.

    Better, perhaps, to realise that "Winner" and "Loser" are only relative states, and temporary ones at best. At worst, they are traps for the mind.

    I agree, to define yourself as a "Winner" is definitely to define yourself as a "Loser".


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