Monday, August 29, 2011

Like a CEO

We have all seen this before. It is announced that a new CEO has been hired by a major corporation. He (or she) makes a lot of promises during the initial press conference. The company will be better and stronger. We will become more competitive. The CEO promises that the corporation will return to the top of the ladder and shareholders are filled with high hopes.

But things don't go as promised. The new CEO lays off a significant chunk of the workforce and sells some underperforming divisions. He convinces the shareholders to buy up a few competitors for a staggering amount of money. But the new purchases don't help the firm's sagging market prices long-term. In fact, in a short amount of time, though the company is doing worse than before, we read that the CEO has been rewarded with a new compensation package worth gazillions of dollars.

What is the typical response of the public, in general, and progressives, in particular? They stomp their feet, gnash their teeth and say, "Is this company crazy? The CEO should have been fired, not rewarded!"

Yet, the same progressives who decry the way the corporate world is run plan to use this same rationale to convince others to reelect Barack Obama!

Like the CEO, Obama made oodles of promises that he has failed to keep. Like the CEO, a good chunk of the workforce has received pink slips under his watch. Like the CEO, Obama wants to sell off public assets that he says the "private sector" can manage better. Like the CEO, he has showered corporations with gobs and gobs of taxpayer dollars, yet the national economy has shown little, if any, improvement.

If you really believe the CEO deserves the boot, shouldn't the same be said for the president?

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