Sunday, August 28, 2011


Many evangelical Christians don't seem to think much of science. Evolution? A misguided theory. Climate Change? The jury is still out. Earth is millions of years old? Not according to the Bible!

Time and time again you can find fundamentalist preachers extolling the evils of the scientific method. It was developed by secularists to try to discredit God. Why study science when you can find all the answers you need to life's questions in God's book!

Yes, these conservative Christians have no need for science...except when it comes to modern conveniences, medicine and war.

Scientists in various fields played a huge role in the creation of the internet, modern transportation and all the little doohickeys that fill our homes and businesses. I find it highly ironic that a person who would deny climate change/global warming does so on the internet. Do such people believe that the world wide web fell from heaven like manna?

Or how about the person who claims evolution is a quack theory, yet, when diagnosed with cancer, turns to medical science in the hopes for a cure? While hooked up to chemotherapy, such individuals will tell everyone in earshot that they only need to look to God for answers.

And what about all those folks who dismiss science out-of-hand, but are strong supporters of this nation's military apparatus. Don't they understand that all of our various weapon systems were created, in part, by scientists? Ya know, the major work to develop the atomic bomb was undertaken by world-renowned physicists!

Hello, is anybody in there?

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