Thursday, August 4, 2011


by Scott Bradley

I've been reading some pretty heavy thinking of late. On average, I probably understand less than half of it — so don't let me fool you when I quote this stuff.

I'm reading someone now who I believe could pretty much 'prove' anything he wanted to. What he proves is his own agenda, which in this case, is a profoundly holistic and 'spiritual' way of understanding the Universe. Yet, it is still just blabber. So, what's the harm? For those who choose to buy into it, none that I can see. There are, in fact, veritable disciples of this man who are doing truly good things in the world. They are actually helping people.

But then there are us non-believers. What are we to do? Come up with our own blabber, I suppose. There is something to be said for this, if only because it is at least authentically our own. And it's especially authentic if, at least occasionally, we are able to see it for what it is, blabber.

I seem to be coming back to 'critical zero' with this, returning to honesty.

Don't get me wrong — some of what I write is true. But it is only true for me. It could not possibly be true for you. This is because truth is not an idea, but experience, and I certainly cannot experience anything for you.

I suppose you could experience something based on my blabber, but it seems unlikely. More likely is that you blabberize my blabber in your own special way and experience that. Or, perhaps, you might dismiss my blabber altogether, but having read it, better understand your own blabber.

The point, I guess, is to blabber, and experience what it is you blabber about. But not to take any of it too seriously.

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  1. heh - blab on.

  2. ...and to connect with each other. Blabber is a form of love, energy from one blabber maker to another, energy that, regardless of 'true', or 'not true', it is the juice that connects us all. How we connect depends on the content of the blabber - there are infinite possibilities - but nonetheless, blabber is essentially connection material.

  3. @Craig...LIke the mynahs that gather in trees at dusk outside my window, shouting to each other, "Are you there? I'm here." Good-night John-Boy...

    Curious to know who is the blabberer...I run across these too from time to time. They sometimes do help people. There always seems to be a lot of money changing hands. I guess that's a sort of blabber, too.

  4. Some of read the blabber of others and reword it to our own blabber, perhaps as our way of trawling the cess for gold.

    The best ones probably never write or say much, the best is left unsaid. We're left then with the blabber of those who nearly got it so there is a little work always in decoding and filtering it.

    Of all the blabber I've come across the Scott Bradley blabber is very good, honest and simple.


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