Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So Weird

Last night I could hardly flex my right wrist up or from side-to-side without excruciating pain. Even jostling it ever so slightly sent shooting pains up into my shoulder. The little pecking I did on this blog had to be done with my left hand.

And yet, when I woke up this morning, the pain has abated by about 75%! My wrist remains sore, but the swelling and heat are completely gone. My range of motion has returned as well.

This aptly describes the weird life of someone with Fibromyalgia! Pain can be so intense one day and then be gone the next. A body part that is stiff and hot to the touch in the morning may not be so 12 hours later. And you never know when and where it will strike next.

As I sit here before my computer -- typing relatively pain-free with my right hand, no less -- I'm trying to figure out if this flare-up has run its course or if the pain site has moved. My left shoulder doesn't feel so good, but at this point, I'm unsure if it's just routine soreness or the next focal point.

Regardless, I am simply happy my right wrist is functional again!


  1. Thank you for your post. I have pain that comes and goes, when it comes up, I do something different by adding more unpredictability, or voluntary change in my life. I tend to get better if I'm changeable. Or by having the capacity to change, I naturally see things better, or as changeable. Besides, for me, fixed and solid is a barrier, and I'll certainly run into it.

  2. So it wasn't tendinitis? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? You were misdiagnosed?

  3. CM,
    Change is very difficult when one is autistic. ;-)

    I don't think it actually was a misdiagnoses. My Doc wasn't sure what it was, but he had to write something on the form. Tendinitis is a good catch-all.


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