Friday, June 3, 2011

The Golden Line of Truth

The Golden Line of Truth
by Scott Bradley

The Golden Line of Truth is my only guide. It takes no account of the transient and dependent vagaries of existence, but always runs straight and true. It is the meeting place and Great Harmony of the perfect Rule of External Reality and the perfect Rule of Internal Reality. Here I find my harmony and peace.

And thus I am able to build the garden's second 45 foot raised bed in a straight line. I follow the twine stretched between two sticks, each 36 inches from the end of first bed, measured with another stick, without reference to the twists and turns of the logs creating the raised portion of the first bed. Within the bed itself, 2.5 feet deep, the second stick, 34 inches long, measures the inner dimension. Always the twine leads me upon the right way.

I hope this amply demonstrates that I don't just talk about spiritual stuff; I also live it.

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  1. This is a matter of physics and geometry, which I suppose can be considered spiritual if one chooses to do so. And thusly were the pyramids built....


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