Friday, April 29, 2011

Open Your Eyes

My wife and I were watching a news report about President Obama's visit to Alabama to tour the areas that were devastated as the result of this week's tornadoes and storms. I realize that Obama needed to say something and that it can be difficult to find that right words to describe such destruction, but what he did say stirred a reaction in both Della and I. To paraphrase, he said that he had never seen such devastation.

Della's reaction was "Oh, come on now." What about the devastation that recently visited Japan as a result of the earthquake and tsunami? What about the earthquake in Haiti or Hurricane Katrina? For that matter, what about Vilonia, Arkansas, or any of the other cities and towns the recent spate of tornadoes leveled?

My reaction was similar, but pointed in a totally different direction. I thought about the destruction and devastation caused by US bombs, missiles and drones in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and, of course, Libya. I bet if the president chose to visit many areas of the countries listed that he could find just as much, if not more, destruction and ruin.

I point this out not to trivialize the pain and suffering of those impacted by the storms in Alabama. It is hard for me to imagine the horrors and heartache many of these folks lived through. I'm glad the president decided to go there and see the aftermath of the storm's fury for himself.

That said, there is a lot of destruction and devastation -- both climatic and human-caused -- the world over. While what transpired in the south this week indeed is tragic, I think devastation is far more tragic when it's the result of conscious human decisions -- decisions that this president has made and continues to make.

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