Monday, April 18, 2011

Dear Diary

Dear Diary
by Scott Bradley

Sometimes I feel like I should begin each post with, Dear Diary. In a previous post I said, "This is about me. I have nothing else to offer. All my 'truths' are subjective." It is not without some sense of ambivalence that I inflict my personal musings upon you. Do you really care to hear this personal stuff? Would I want to hear it if I were you? I am not sure that I would; I am not really that indulgent of the 'how I feel today' kind of blabber.

Then there's the 'unspiritual' and 'non-sageous' side of it. Somehow "this is about me" doesn't square with my pre-conceived ideas of what is sageous. Aren't I supposed to be beyond 'me'? Oops, I have exposed myself I might as well admit it: I want to be a sage when I grow up. But of course, wanting to be a sage is the antithesis of being one. But I diverge...

The real point of this post is to draw attention, once again, to the biographical nature of the philosophical taoist's philosophizing. This is the point I tried to make in the piece entitled Kierkegaard. We don't subscribe to a belief in Truths and creeds which exist outside of our inner experience.

If I were a sage, I would not be teaching you factual truths to apply to your life; I would be assisting you, like a midwife, to birth your own way. Of course, that's what I think I am doing now, though I am not a sage, but I know that you have the good sense to keep that in mind.

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