Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lower the Boats

Just let me say that there is a good chance no one will find this post interesting except me! Aside from utilizing this space to philosophize or comment about current events, I also use it to keep a record of my observations about our local weather. So, the topic of this post concerns our unusually wet water year as well as an extremely wet March.

Normal precipitation for the current month is 9.25". We received more than that this year -- a helluva lot more! As the clock moves forward to begin a new month, our rain total for March comes in at 21.02". That's 11.77" or nearly one foot above normal. This total represents the normal rainfall for March, April, May and June combined!

As I have noted before, the water year begins each October. In what I bet must be some kind of record, we have recorded above average rainfall for all 6 months thus far. February has been the only month in which we had less than 1" above normal. We have experienced 3 months (October, January and March) of at least 9" above normal.

All told, our total precipitation for the past 6 months has been 104.06" which, as it turns out, is 20.42" more than the average for the entire 12-month period. If we record average rainfall for the rest of this water year, then our total will come in around 123.50" or more than 10 feet!

Of course, if we keep to the pattern of the past 6 months, that total will wind up being far higher.

Even for around here, that's a heck of a lot of water.

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  1. I hope it stops, or I'm going to be hiking in a LOT of snow up in them mountains...


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