Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How Would It Feel?

How Would It Feel?
by Scott Bradley

How would it feel to open your heart? Open to what? To Nothing in Particular. It’s the openness we experience, not something ‘out there’.

How would it feel to flow out into the Vastness? Like a spring. Ever fresh — rising from we know-not-where.

How would it feel to surrender into Mystery? Like a river meeting the sea.

How would it feel...? There’s only one way to know. Feel it.

But hey, this is my buzz. And I only share it as a way of suggesting this: Mystical experience is ever here within us, and its expressions are beyond all reckoning. Whatever path we take, no one has taken it before us. There has never been anyone quite like you. When it comes to things of the spirit, one size does not fit all.

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  1. Something about this post has a lot of light in it. I really resonates with me.


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