Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dirty Therapy

In today's counseling session, Bill and I talked about the concept of enjoyment. One of the questions he naturally asked me was what do you enjoy?

I didn't need to think on the question for any length of time. One of my great enjoyments is gardening! I like to pull weeds. I like to feel the earth on my hands. I like to dig holes to place new plants in. I like the way our formerly grassy lawn is turning into the home for numerous native species.

Today we purchased 3 new native plants to add to our growing menagerie: a shore pine (for the back yard); a mountain huckleberry bush and an Indian plum tree (for the front of the house). The huckleberry and Indian plum will provide more fruit for the area wildlife and the pine tree will provide company for the other shore pine we planted two years ago.

So, if we get a break from the copious amounts of rain one of these days, I am going to engage in my own form of mental health therapy by getting down and gloriously dirty! :-)


  1. I haven't planted anything in years but there is something very therapeutic about it!

    If the wildlife doesn't eat all of your fruit you could make preserves or even just freeze it for the winter. :)

  2. The plants are so selected because of the wildlife. Thus far, they have left very little and that's fine. :-)


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