Thursday, March 31, 2011

As the Smoke Thickens

In a post from last night, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, I briefly discussed the possibility that the various uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa may well have been fomented by covert CIA operations. In this morning's post, I want to connect that theme with the possibility that there may be more than one ulterior motive involved.

Though, by and large, the American public seems to exhibit short-term memory, I want to remind you of the three administrations before the current one. Under Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr., we frequently seemed to become intermeshed in military escapades when a) the president's popularity was sagging and/or b) when our elected leaders desired to divert our attention from pressing domestic matters.

Lots of legislation was passed and executive orders were signed without as much public debate as usual. Through the efforts of politicians and the mainstream media alike, we were too focused on the then-current war or supposed escalation of the terrorist threat.

This has led me to wonder why the fuse may have been lit overseas at this particular point in time. What is it that our leaders may wish to divert our eyes from?

The answers are myriad. While poll after poll indicates that the chief worry on most American's minds is jobs, this issue has not been deemed very important by either the Democrats or the Republicans. This is puzzling since the GOP swept into office last fall on the pledge to make job creation a top priority.

Foreclosuregate continues unabated and more and more average folks are becoming incensed at the fact that our leaders keep calling for "shared sacrifice," while many of our wealthiest corporations aren't paying their fair share of taxes and, in some cases, they aren't paying ANY federal income taxes at all.

These issues and scores of other related ones would be prime targets for our leaders to desire to divert our attention from, but I don't think that is the key issue driving the need for a new war front. No, I think it is the overreach of the governors in places like Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio that is serving as the number one catalyst.

The attack on public sector unions and collective bargaining has caused a much stronger backlash than their promoters believed possible. Overnight, these fights have re-energized a sleeping foe -- the American Left. Progressives and liberals have taken to the streets all over the country and are vowing to fight back in a multitude of ways.

People who had sat on their hands for several years are now organizing. US Uncut is gaining momentum. The protests in Wisconsin, in particular, have been eye-popping in terms of numbers and their continued presence. Unlike the past several years, the people aren't backing down.

And so, it could be readily argued that the powers that be needed some diversionary measure to slow the momentum that was beginning to build. Enter Libya.

The talking heads of the mainstream media have shifted their focus away from the labor unrest to what's going on halfway around the world. Our elected leaders are jockeying positions and arguing about how best to serve the needs of democratic rebels in Libya. Even many of the left and progressive voices in this country have shifted their focus to war and away from labor.

I am NOT stating this is the way it is, but, in terms of our past history, this scenario would certainly fit into the mold.

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