Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Always Oil

I didn't listen to President Obama's speech about trying to justify why the US is involved in its third war. I didn't see the need. Anyone with half a brain already knows one of the critical criteria that made Libya such a green light for military intervention -- oil. The United States attacks nations who don't give us oil on our terms OR nations that are connected to the delivery of oil on our terms.

We attacked Iraq who has the 2nd greatest volume of oil reserves. We attacked Afghanistan because that territory is key to an oil pipeline we want to build. We are attacking Pakistan because it is related to said pipeline. We are now attacking Libya who possesses the 10th greatest volume of reserve oil. And sadly, I fear it will only be a matter of time before we launch an attack on Iran, the nation with the 4th largest oil reserves.

Obama says we are in Libya to defend people and to try to avert massacres. But despotic regimes in the Ivory Coast, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain are abusing and killing democratic protesters just as fiercely as Libya's leader was and you don't see the US moving swiftly to defend and protect them. And what is so different about the situations in these countries?

No significant amounts of oil.

I know there are people out there who will argue that the situations in each nation are unique and that varying complexities mean that different strategies will be employed based on differing circumstances. While I certainly will grant that point to a certain extent, it still is uncanny how the nations we choose to attack are major oil producers with whom we don't have exporting relations on OUR terms.

What are the chances of such an apparent correlation if oil is NOT the key determining factor?

About nil! And everybody knows it, regardless of what our various presidents say.

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