Saturday, January 29, 2011

God, I'm Putting You on Notice

I used to visit a few Christian blogs and websites just for the fun of it. After awhile, the "discussions" tended to bore me because they continually go over the same territory. So, I've moved on to more philosophical and news-based sites.

Still, from time to time, some of these blogs attract a few Christian adherents here and there. When these insistent folks decide to leave comments, you know what they will write before they write it. It's the same basic stuff you'd find on a Christian blog.

Yesterday, I learned yet again that Satan is out to destroy the world, but -- have no fear -- God loves me. Yes, God loves ME so much and he wants what is best for me.

Well God, if this genuinely is true, then I have one meager request: Get rid of Satan and then all earthly problems will be resolved. Of course, this does lead to two other questions: 1) Why did you create Satan in the first place? and 2) If you're supposed to be all-powerful and all-knowing, why haven't you figured out that getting rid of Satan is the easiest solution to this quagmire you created?

Come to think of it, I have a few more questions. You're supposed to be perfect and loving, right? How can a perfect being create something so malevolent in the first place? If you're as loving, just, merciful and compassionate as your believers say you are, how can you sit there and twiddle your thumbs while this Satan causes so much suffering and misery?

If the deists are correct, then you simply made the world and then walked away from it KNOWING that Satan would muck it up. How do you justify that? I mean, that would be like placing a vicious dog in a fenced preschool playground and then announcing to the little kiddies, "Hey, you deal with it! I'm outta here"

If the conservative Christians are correct, you sit up their on your heavenly throne and idly sit by while the dung hits the fan. You nonchalantly watch while children are murdered, people die of starvation, women are raped and vast amounts of people are brutalized and oppressed DAILY. How do you justify that? That would be like placing a vicious dog on a preschool playground and then sitting outside the fence in a lawn chair as the canine devoured and maimed the children one by one.

We both know that I don't think you exist. However, if I turn out to be incorrect and you actually DO exist, I'm putting you on notice. This "It's all Satan's fault" gambit doesn't work. We both KNOW it's completely illogical.

So, here is my humble suggestion. Since you are all-powerful and all things are possible for you, why don't you simply end all this pain and suffering, once and for all. Announce yourself to all beings. Speak in whatever language or manner that will make everyone understand. Simultaneously tell each of us where we have strayed from your glorious path AND make it clear that Satan has been sent packing.

Then, everything will be perfect and everyone will worship you like you've always wanted.

However, if you continue to be obstinate by allowing this so-called fallen angel to wreak havoc all over your creation, then you are not worthy of anyone's worship and I will continue to insist you are nothing more than a figment of people's collective imagination.


  1. To get rid of "Satan" you must get rid of "God" too.
    This is like the return to non-being I referred to in your post of V 21,line3.

    Not that actually DOING this is easy.

  2. Have you ever read, The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are, by Alan Watts? It puts an interesting spin on the whole question of what and why we are, and our relationship with "God".

    Spoiler Alert - if there is a god, we're all it and it's so fragmented it doesn't remember who it is.

    It's another interesting perspective to consider late at night when you get bored and feel like the only thing left on the web are Christian rerun blogs.


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