Sunday, January 30, 2011

All Part of the Plan

We've all personally known about or heard via the media of horrific tragedies that befell innocent bystanders. These occurrences especially are hard to take when it involves the death of a young child. Here they are, just beginning to blossom and then, in an ill-fated second, they are gone.

Invariably, one or more sincere individuals will try to calm the exposed wound of the loved ones left behind. "It is hard to fathom right now, but rest assured, this is all part of God's plan."

A plan? God WANTS certain people to suffer? God intends for these fathers and mothers to be cast into the throes of immeasurable agony? Really?

For those who believe that this genuinely is the case, it knocks Satan out of the driver's seat. Satan becomes nothing more than the tool or delivery system for God's intentions. In other words, Satan is just God's patsy; God is the one pulling all the strings.

To illustrate this point, think of an inmate condemned to death. The executioner isn't the one responsible for the decision; he or she simply carries it out. The responsibility for the decision itself rests with the judge and/or jury.

If God then is the underwriter for all the trials and travails we face in this life -- it is part of HIS divine plan -- then Satan becomes nothing more than a facade, a frontman. Adherents spend their time blaming Satan for societal ills when, in fact, Satan isn't responsible at all. God is.

And, if God is responsible for all the brutality and oppression throughout the history of humankind, it makes it next to impossible to turn around to argue that he is loving, just and merciful.


  1. I'm with you about the disillusioned masses being controlled by the belief that a magic creator is up there pulling strings.
    I was raised in the catholic religion, went to catholic schools which included church each morning, each Sunday and religious holidays. It was overload. I began to question this demanding religious righteousness and loyalty early on.
    The event that sealed the rejection was my mother's murder at my father's hands. The crushing pain of this horror and the breakup and scattering of a family turned my world upside down. My reality changed dramatically. See, I gave god a chance to help me at first. He didn't answer my prayers, he didn't give me comfort, he couldn't give me a reasonable explanation why this happen. I was unable to find much good in my situation, what lesson was I to learn? Where was god? He left me floundering and in pain.
    Once I stopped the prayers and rejected this 'faith' that my best interests were in god's hands, my focus became sharper. I relied on myself to find the strength to pull my life together. It came together when I declared god (magical intervention) was not providing many blessings. I took a leap of faith and trusted that I, myself, was going to take over and do just fine. The day I rejected god and organized religion, I had the greatest sense of relief liberty, it lifted the biggest burden I'd carried since childhood. I have not stopped soaring yet. I love how I can trust my instinct and the natural laws of the universe to provide a guilt free walk through this experience called life. My moment of prayer today is to live in the moment. I do not carry the notion that I am living for the future, looking towards heaven or hell.
    I live a good moral life without having to quote bible scriptures or relay on god and thank him or her for giving me a good life.

  2. My, my. I can certainly understand how that would be a genuinely agonizing situation.

    Though I'm a pacifist, had I found myself in your situation and someone suggested to me that these circumstances were all part of this loving god's "plan", I think I would have decked them or worse!!

  3. I always knew He was an evil bastard. Satan? Ha! Can't hold a candle to the one making the plan.


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