Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleepy Time

One of the aspects of fibromyalgia that is hard for non-sufferers to understand is the level of fatigue involved. While, for some, it is a constant hallmark of the disease, for others it comes and goes in periodic flare-ups. I fall in between this spectrum. While my overall energy level has been knocked down several notches by this condition, the floor often drops out from under me during flares.

I've been dealing with a flare-up for the better part of the past month. Aside from sharp, piercing pain that erupts in various parts in my body on any given day, I have been struggling mightily with the fatigue factor. There have been some days when the malaise hasn't been too bad, but there are just as many other days in which doing normal things -- like puttering around the house in my jammies -- is a major undertaking.

Yesterday, for example, I seemed to spend as much time down as up. I slept for nine uninterrupted hours the night before -- a major feat for someone who generally has trouble sleeping. I rolled out of bed at noon. I was up for two and one-half hours, then was back down for a two hour nap. I managed to remain upright for the next 5 hours before heading off to bed at the unheard hour (at least, for me) of 9:30 p.m!

It is difficult to get very much done -- writing on this blog or otherwise -- when your head feels like it's stuck in a fog. No amount of sleep nor rest blows the haze away. During these periods, I often awaken just as tired as when I laid down!! So, I sleep some more and wake up just as fatigued.

In time, this flare-up will subside and I will return to my not-so-fatigued norm. I'm not sharing this info so a bunch of you can leave comments telling me how sorry you are that I must deal with this chronic condition. It is what it is. I may not like it, but I have accepted that it is something I must deal with as best I can -- just like each of you must deal with the life you lead.

Getting all upset about those aspects of life that we cannot change is a waste of energy and a certain mechanism to make us feel more down than we may already feel.


  1. you're right in what you said; but I do hope you feel better.

  2. Oh, I'm sure I will......eventually.

  3. I've had symptoms similar to your description of fibromyalgia. Another person told me theirs was caused by a gluten allergy, so I gave up all gluten based products (except the occasional beer) and within 2 weeks virtually all symptoms have disappeared. Have you ever tried the same?

  4. Before I had all my teeth removed, I used to eat a lot of stuff with gluten in it. However, since switching over to dentures, my gluten intake has gone way, way down. Yet, I've had this problem when I ate a lot of gluten and now that I don't eat that much.

    From this, I surmise that gluten most likely doesn't play a key role in my situation.


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