Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Simple Way, Part 22

The Simple Way
The Life & Teachings of Zhouzi
by Scott Bradley

The other combatant, having heard of his opponent’s redemption and seen a new joy in his mien, likewise came and stood before Zhouzi and said, “Master, as hard as I try, I cannot improve. Please help me to grow, for otherwise I must descend into despair.”

“So what?” answered Zhouzi. “Descend where you wish. It’s all the same to me.”

When the anguishing monk made no reply, Zhouzi continued, “How can you be whole when you wish to become? You cannot become what you already are. Descend into hell or ascend into heaven, wherever you go is Reality. If it’s Reality you seek, be where you are. The change that you seek will come when you seek it no more. There is no control to lose if no attempt to control. The life that is you needs none of your help.”

“How you have made me blabber!” blurted Zhouzi. “You work in the garden? Exchange duties with he who cleans the privies! And come see me again same time next week!”

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  1. I am sure this is not was intended, (or maybe not) but this makes me think of the Cultural Revolution when "intellectuals" were sent to scrub toilets.

    I don't think Mao was a Taoist or Zen-ist. But there you go.


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